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for 2016!

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Happy New Year!



* * * * REMINDER! * * * *


We have only ONE regular CLUB MEETING in Jan., on the 11th. We resume our regular schedule of meetings on the 2nd and 4th Weds. of each month in Feb.



The club is seeking suggestions for (1) charities to support beginning this year and (2) a day-long team service project for members.

Details including the documentation/information needed with submissions and whom to contact are on
p. 7 of the Jan. newsletter. Charity suggestions are due before the Jan. 11th club meeting.



Plenty of fun ahead!


There's already a bunch of events on the docket for the new year, including lunches/dinners, bowling, a hockey game, parade, baseball game, and trips to Maine and Watkins Glen.


Read about them in the newsletter and attend club meetings to learn more and sign up.


The January 2017 issue of AACC's 'Vetter's Letter is now available!

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